Europa Barbarorum

Europa Barbarorum 1.2

It is a modification of Rome: Total WarTM, a game by The Creative Assembly

Europa Barbarorum is a modification of Rome: Total WarTM, a game by The Creative Assembly, that is motivated by the desire to provide Rome: Total War players with a more fun, challenging, realistic, and historically accurate gaming experience.

Europa Barbarorum is not solely focused on barbarian factions (though the name was derived from the roots of the project when our desire was to portray barbarians more accurately). Europa Barbarorum goes to great lengths to portray all factions correctly, including Rome.

In 272 BC, there is no single superpower. There are many peoples poised to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs. There are some peoples who have acquired what might be termed 'Empires', though none is assurred of long-term hegemony. In Europa Barbarorum you will either lead or face the peoples that most impacted history in ancient Europe and its neighboring lands.

In northern Europe live the 'barbarians', and although they might look alike, there are more differences than similarities, certainly in the ways of war. In the Isles of Tin, or Britain, the different tribes trade or fight each other with none truly maintaing control. The Casse, however dream to become the strongest peoples, and with patience and wise leadership that goal may be achieved.
In Gaul to the south, war rages across Gallic countrysides and forests. The Arverni alliance regards the Aedui as weak and has rebelled against their rule, lead by their god-king made flesh. The Arverni attacks on traders, both Gaul and foreign ones, is disrupting Gallic prosperity as a whole and the many battles ultimately deprive Gaul of skilled warriors.

If the civil war continues the Gauls will be weakened and their lands will be ripe for foreign invasions. To the east of Gaul in the dark forests of Germania, things are not quiet either. One of hundreds of tribes, the Sweboz, is stirring and looks with covetous eyes on the rest of Germania and abroad. Under a strong Kuningaz, the disparate tribes might be brought under a single Sweboz banner. If Germania or Gaul is united under a strong line of kings, lands far away might tremble.

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